• “What drove me to choose Sharon Walsh, LCSW was her Values and Morals which was very important to me and my family. Her large range of experience which indicated to me that she can handle difficult cases and content. She is very insightful and non judgmental. She never “bats an eyelash” with what people report. She is always researching and obtaining new knowledge that is helpful to my individual case. She goes above and beyond any other therapist. She moves me from point A to point B which allows me to reach my goals.”

  • -Anonymous

“I choose to see Sharon Walsh, LCSW for the following reasons:

  • Super nice
  • Super understanding
  • Super friendly (like approachable)
  • Actually makes sense when saying things unlike other therapists who say random thing to try and diagnose things that don’t even exist
  • Listens really well
  • Willing to walk things out no matter how long they take
  • I don’t feel awkward talking to her
  • Super Cool
  • Doesn’t jump to conclusions
  • Doesn’t give bad vibes
  • Remembers things a lot and doesn’t always have to check notes to remember who I am.
  • Actually cares about the human and not just the money
  • Knows her stuff
  • Produces results
  • Has a sense of humor”

-G (Adolescent)

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